Singapore 2005 600th Anniversary of Admiral Zheng He's Voyages

Zheng He (1371-1435), originally named Ma He, was arguably China's most famous mariner. He led seven naval expeditions, starting from the beginning of the 15th century. For 28 years (1405-1433), he traveled more than 50,000km and visited over 30 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand ("Siam").

Some said Zheng He was a comtemporary of Columbus. While Columbus went from Europe to America, Zheng He sailed from China to many places throughout South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, and Africa (and possibly America) some 80 years before him.

A number of countries issued stamps to mark the 600th Anniversary of Zheng He's voyages.

First day cover & stamps here were designed and signed by Eng Siak Loy.