About Mr Wu Jiankun

Wu Jiankun was born in 1935, at Dali, Shaanxi Province of China. He graduated in 1955 from Sian Arts Academy, specializing in industrial arts, and began his career in stamp design that same year.

Greatly influenced by the traditional style of Chinese painting, Jiankun has created spectacular stamp designs using these techniques. His works include these stamp issues: Early Fossils of China, Mei Lanfang Souvenir Sheet, Historical Relics During the Cultural Revolution, 26th World Table Tennis Championships, and Landscape of Lushan Mountain.

Jiankun is also an avid photographer and is a member of the China Photographer Association.

Below is a signed cover by Wu Jiankun & Chen Ke Kuan (a philatelist) during their visit to Singapore in 2005. You can find some of Jiankun's stamp works from the 1960s to the 1980s in my blog here.