China 2008 Shenzhou 7 (神舟七号)

Shenzhou 7 (神舟七号) was China's third human spaceflight, launched on September 25, 2008. The Shenzhou spacecraft carried Zhai Zhigang (翟志刚), Liu Boming (刘伯明) and Jing Haipeng (景海鹏) for a 3 days mission. On 27 September, Zhai Zhigang conducted the first ever Chinese astronaut space walk, which lasted for 22-minute. China is the third country to have conducted an Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA), after the Soviet Union and the United States.

Covers issued by Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology, signed by the 3 astronauts:

Covers issued by Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, signed by the 3 astronauts: