USA 1965 Gemini 7

Gemini 7 (GT-7), launched on December 4, 1965, was crewed by Frank F. Borman and James A. Lovell. Gemini 7 was originally intended to fly after Gemini 6, but the original Gemini 6 mission was cancelled after the failure during launch of the Agena Target Vehicle with which it was meant to rendezvous and dock. However the objective of rendezvous was one of Gemini's primary goals. It was decided that Gemini 6 would launch days after Gemini 7, using the latter as the rendezvous target. The original mission of Gemini 7 changed little with these new plans as it was always planned to be a long duration flight, investigating the effects of a fortnight in space on the human body.

Gemini 7 "Orbit Covers" cancelled on launch day at Cape Canaveral, signed by James Lovell and Frank Borman.

Gemini 7 Centennial cachet.

Primary recovery ship USS Wasp, signed by Frank Borman and James Lovell.

Gemini 7 captain's cover with USS Wasp hand cancel, signed by the ship's commanding officer Captain Gordon E Hartley and the Helo Recovery Pilot.