USA 1966 Gemini 11

Gemini 11 (GT-11), launched on September 12, 1966, was crewed by Charles P. Conrad, Jr. and Richard F. Gordon, Jr. The mission was to accomplish a space rendezvous immediately after reaching orbit, just as it would probably be done in orbit around the Moon. It also achieved the highest Earth orbit ever reached by an American manned spacecraft (at 1,374.2 km) using Agena propulsion system after first orbit rendezvous and docking. Gordon also performed a 33-minute EVA and 2-hour standup EVA. The mission ended with the first totally automatic, computer-controlled reentry by the U.S., which brought Gemini 11 down only 4.5 kilometers from its recovery ship.
Gemini 11 "Orbit Covers" cancelled on launch day at Cape Canaveral, signed by Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon.

Gemini 11 cover with KSC cachet signed by Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon.